About us

The TR Register Czech Republic history started on 6th December 2007 in a Restaurant U Písecké brány in Prague. The historical event was partaken by the following gentlemen: Robert Pešek (TR4), Arnošt Sadílek (TR7), Jan Dvořák (TR3A), Jakub Kruliš (TR6), and Jiří Brádka (TR2).

It must be stated in the first place that we decided to conceive our club to be an informal association of the Triumph TR2 – TR8 car make owners and lovers. We do not have any pretentions to order somebody how should his car look like, nor do we intend to criticize or tie somebody down. We all know how financially demanding and time-consuming the hobby is; hence, it is one’s decision only on how much effort shall he devote to it.

We also decided not to register our club anywhere (Veteran club, AČR, FIVA, etc.). Our members pay no fees, therefore we do not need to answer to anybody for our activity or inactivity (everything is voluntary). Our members are usually organized in parent veteran clubs where they are provided with all necessities, such as testing and the like. It is obvious, however, that should one of our members need any help regarding his TR registration, particular spare parts, technical data, etc., we are, by all means, ready to help.

Some of us are also members of the British TR Register. On the regular basis, we are being in touch with the parent TR Register: we provide with information regarding our fleet and our activities. Britons were amazed, how many Triumph TR vehicles there are in the Czech Republic.

Every year, we organize club rides not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The trips are mostly about experiences, emotions, and meeting people of like minds.

If you are the proud owner of one of those lovely vehicles and you feel like spending time with just as avid people as you are, do not hesitate to contact us – you will not regret!

In case of your interest, contact us at info@tr-register.cz or on +420 603 200 160.

Kind regards,

Jiří Brádka